From July 18 to 26, access to the Crypt requires a « Pass Jeux »

© Pierre Antoine / Crypte archéologique de l'île de la Cité / Paris Musées

You would like to visit the Archaeological Crypt on the Ile de la Cité between July 18 and 26, 2024.

As part of the 2024 Olympic Games, the Paris Police Prefecture has established several perimeters around the competition venues to ensure the safety of spectators, athletes and local residents, particularly during the period before the opening ceremony, from Thursday, July 18 to Friday, July 26, 2024. These perimeters may entail access restrictions and require the possession of a digital pass, also known as a “Games pass”.

These perimeters can be viewed on the map on the website set up by the authorities (

The archaeological crypt on the Île de la Cité is located within the grey perimeter, known as “SILT”, due to its location within the direct perimeter of the opening ceremony. This has two consequences: 

  •  Closure of the Île de la Cité archaeological rypt on Friday, July 26. 
  • From Thursday July 18 to Thursday July 25, visitors will need a “Games pass”.

How do I apply for a “pass Jeux”?

You can apply for a “pass Jeux” from the Préfecture de Police de Paris on the dedicated website:

Your “pass Jeux” application must be made after you have purchased and downloaded your nominative ticket, which you will use as a receipt to enclose with your application.

To do this, you need to fill in the form available after ticking the following boxes:

  • I wish to apply for a Grey Zone pass for the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games active from July 18 to 26". 
  • I would like to make a request for one person". 
  • I would like to apply for a “Visitor” pass. 
  • Visitor Games Pass - Travel related to a reservation within the perimeter".

Once your request has been processed, you will receive a receipt. Your “Pass Jeux” will then be sent to you once it has been validated by the relevant administrative authorities.

Finally, you should note that public transport will also be affected by these perimeters, which will entail the closure of certain metro stations and the rerouting of several bus lines. The list of closures varies from day to day, and may change depending on the security situation. We invite you to plan your journey in advance by consulting the dedicated website: