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Reproduction orders

Visuals of the works held at the Carnavalet Museum along with general views of the museum, the Archaeological Crypt of Notre-Dame parvis and the Paris Catacombs can be obtained from the organisation in charge of the digital reproduction and promotion of the photography collections of the City of Paris: the Parisienne de Photographie.

The Parisienne de Photographie, a local semi-public company, is in charge of the distribution and management of reproductions of works intended for exhibitions, catalogues and research work. Any requests for reproduction or publication must be sent directly to this organisation.


•    A selection of pictures is available on the www.parisenimages.fr website.

•    Its subsidiary, the Roger-Viollet agency, is in charge of the commercial distribution of the pictures to press, publishing and advertising professionals. The digitised collections are accessible to professionals online on the www.roger-viollet.fr website.

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